About Dr. Emanuel Friedman

Doctor Emanuel Friedman

Dr. Emanuel Friedman – Fellowship Trained Vasectomy Reversal Specialist

Dr. Friedman received advanced training in microsurgery and minimally invasive surgery in an office setting. His practice is limited to vasectomy reversals. Dr. Friedman has more than 32 years of performing vasectomy reversals, averaging 2-3 per week. He is world-renowned in performing vasectomy reversals, with a very high success rate. Dr. Friedman is listed as one of America’s Best Doctors. **Practice limited to vasectomy reversals**



The New Vasectomy Reversal Procedure Everyone is talking about!

Dr. Friedman has over 30 years of experience in advanced microsurgical techniques. He offers affordable procedures with high success rates. Serving patients not only in New England—Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, and Vermont—but also across the United States. Dr. Friedman performs several reverse vasectomies each week, and these surgeries are performed in the office.

We have successfully restored sperms with a minimally invasive microscopic procedure in an office setting under local anesthesia for patients from states including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, Maryland, and Georgia, as examples. Dr. Friedman performed minimally invasive vasectomy reversals for patients who traveled from around the globe, as well, from the continents of:

The latest technology advances coupled with the unique microscopic skills that Dr. Friedman developed allow him to perform minimally invasive procedures in an office setting with local anesthesia only, resulting in a high success rate. Such a setting reduces expenses dramatically, and increases patient comfort. The incisions are tiny, minimizing bleeding and chances of infections. The patient leaves the office within a short time after the procedure, which takes an average of two-and-a-half hours, and the patient is able to resume full activities within two to three weeks.

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