Care Instructions

Preparing For Vasectomy Reversal: Pre-Operative and Post-Operative procedure care instructions


  1. Have a light breakfast the morning of the procedure. Do not drink coffee the morning of the procedure.
  2. Shave the scrotum and take a shower the morning of the procedure.
  3. Bring the bottle of Xanax and Vicodin (hydrocodone) with you to the office. You will take both these medications in the office prior to the procedure.
  4. Bring an athletic supporter with you to the office
  5. Do not take aspirin, ibuprofen, or other pain relief medications that can thin the blood, for at least a week before the surgery.


  1. Apply ice bag to scrotum for 10 minutes on, then 10 minutes off, for the first two hours after the vasectomy reversal. Repeat in the next 3-4 days in the evenings
  2. Wear an athletic supporter for 2 full weeks
  3. Shower the next day and clean operative site with soap and water
  4. No strenuous work for 3 weeks
  5. No sexual intercourse for 3 weeks after the reversal
  6. Tylenol for pain on post-operative days 1 and 2, then ibuprofen as needed
  7. Vicodin 1 pill every 6 hours as needed for pain
  8. Doxycycline 100mg 1 pill twice daily for 14 days.
  9. Return to the office in 1 month for follow-up and further instructions
  10. Obtain a semen analysis in 3 months
  11. Call Metrowest Urology (508-655-4422) 2 days after submitting the semen sample

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